Nutritionist Emma Derby told which berry improves memory and has a positive effect on brain performance. According to a nutritionist and a number of other experts, regular consumption of blueberries can have a positive effect on the cognitive functions of the brain.
In older people, blueberries help slow down the decline in brain function. This means that logic, imagination, memory and other functions of the human brain remain more intact with age. In addition, this berry also has a positive effect on mood. Regular consumption of blueberries will help in the fight against depression and increased anxiety.
According to experts, the substances contained in the berries have a significant positive effect on mental activity. Plus, they’re easy to add to your diet. They can be added to various types of dishes, made into sauces, desserts, eaten fresh, made into smoothies and frozen for long-term storage.
A nutritionist recommends eating blueberries daily. According to her, the optimal amount is one cup of berries a day, or one glass of blueberry juice. However, it is worth considering the individual characteristics of the body, such as allergic reactions, intolerance.